Arch-Fab Connects Multiple Systems for Project Transparency

ERP Process Automation
As a provider of end-to-end fabrication services for commercial awning, canopy and sign products, Architectural Fabrications (Arch-Fab) works with a variety of customers and on projects of varying sizes. In order to keep their day-to-day operations running smoothly with real-time information on projects such as production updates and delays, they turned to Mountain Point to connect Salesforce,... Read More

Chart Industries Optimizes Operations with Field Service Lightning

Field Service Operations
Chart Industries recently turned to Mountain Point to implement Field Service Lightning for their Flow Instruments division. This division utilizes technicians who service their customers on multi-week “tours” or groups of appointments spanning multiple days with multiple customers and pieces of equipment; the company needed a way to make their field technicians more efficient while also reducing... Read More

Salesforce Forms Considerations - Web-to-Case, Pardot, and Gravity Forms

Whether capturing new Leads, creating customer support Cases, or both, it can be hard to determine the best approach for creating and configuring forms that integrate with your Salesforce instance. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the main options available along with key considerations and pros and cons of each. Read More

Pardot-WebEx Playbook

Pardot-WebEx Playbook
Any digital market knows that webinars are a great way to connect with potential customers, but like any marketing effort, the big question is… “How can we report on ROI?” If you’re using Cisco WebEx to host webinars, Pardot as your marketing automation platform, and Salesforce Sales Cloud as your CRM, then you are in the right place! This article will show you how to set up a framework that... Read More

Holland Dotts included in first class of Salesforce Marketing Champions

After almost 5 years since beginning my journey in the Salesforce ecosystem, I’ve recently been included in the 2020 inaugural class of “Salesforce Marketing Champions”. Receiving this notification has been an honor, certainly because of the recognition from "the mother ship", but more so because of my inclusion with other members who have been incredibly helpful to me along the way. Read More

Marketing Cloud WAC - Web Analytics Connector Overview

Marketing Cloud Web Analytics Connector
The Web Analytics Connector (WAC) is a free Marketing Cloud feature that appends a ‘string’ to every Email Studio email link. Simply put, it adds data to the end of your links for tracking purposes. The string is typically used to add Google Analytics UTM Parameters, but it can really be used for anything you want. You have complete control over the contents of the “string”. Read More

How to Reduce Operational Overhead With Serverless Machine Learning

Data in Depth guest Carl Osipov discusses  how companies can reduce their operational overhead with serverless machine learning.
For the season 2 finale of our podcast, Data In Depth, we sat down with Carl Osipov from CounterFactual.AI. Carl shared some real-world use cases for serverless machine learning and identified strategies for reducing operational overhead.  Read More

How to Get Started with IoT and Make the Most of Your Investment

Data in Depth guest Ed Kuzemchak discusses how to get started with IoT.
For the latest episode of our podcast, Data In Depth, we sat down with Ed Kuzemchak from Software Design Solutions. Ed digs into the ways companies can use the Internet of Things (IoT) to increase efficiency. He shares advice on how to identify areas of opportunity to implement IoT and strategies to make the most of an IoT investment. Read More

See the Big Picture with Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics

Data in Depth guests Kyley Darby from Mountain Point and Skye Reymond with Terbium Labs discussed Salesforce's Einstein Analytics tool.
How manufacturers can use descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to plan for the future For the latest episode of our manufacturing podcast, Data In Depth, we sat down with Kyley Darby from Mountain Point and Skye Reymond with Terbium Labs. Kyley and Skye dig into the ways manufacturers can leverage descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to maximize business outcomes.... Read More

Real-World Applications of Machine Learning

Bastiane Huang from Osaro was this week's Data In Depth guest.
Product-driven solutions highlight the practical side of machine learning and AI For the latest episode of our manufacturing podcast, Data In Depth, we sat down with Bastiane Huang with OSARO. Bastiane digs into the practical side of machine learning and deep learning and details some product-driven, real-world solutions using AI. She details how machine learning can be used to AI-enable robots... Read More
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