Arch-Fab Connects Multiple Systems for Project Transparency

Delaney Langston
By Delaney Langston | Project Manager
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As a provider of end-to-end fabrication services for commercial awning, canopy and sign products, Architectural Fabrications (Arch-Fab) works with a variety of customers and on projects of varying sizes. In order to keep their day-to-day operations running smoothly with real-time information on projects such as production updates and delays, they turned to Mountain Point to connect Salesforce, Milestones PM+ and Rootstock cloud ERP.

With a robust Salesforce Opportunity process and Milestones PM+ project management process already in place, Arch-Fab already had a good starting point. However, they had never had an ERP system, but ended up selecting Rootstock to fill this gap due to it being built on the Salesforce Cloud Platform.

Now when Arch-Fab sets an Opportunity to closed won in Salesforce, a Project is created in both Milestones PM+ and Rootstock with all dates stored on the Opportunity trickled down. These Project Masters in Milestones PM+ and Rootstock remain in sync throughout the duration, and after their creation, a Sales Order in Rootstock is also created via automation.

When adding lines to a Sales Order, Arch-Fab has the ability to add either stock items or made to order items; once these lines are Firm, a Work Order is then automatically created and linked back to the Sales Order lines, which in turn links back to the original Opportunity. This creates full transparency from the originating Opportunity all the way to the shop floor.

On a project level, this means data on the project details, Gantt timeline, associated work orders, associated purchase orders for raw materials and inventory is all readily available. Plus, in addition to the above synchronizations, Arch-Fab also has integrations with SolidWorks for item masters and BOMs, as well as for providing fabrication drawings that are accessible via a link in a Rootstock.

By creating a harmonious synchronization between all of their systems, Arch-Fab is now able to execute their projects more efficiently, while also gaining insight into data they never had before.

If you’re interested in learning more about the power of Salesforce and ERP or other systems integration, contact us today for a complimentary consultation with one of our in-house experts.


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