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Andrew Rieser
Co-Founder and CEO, Mountain Point
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A Year In Review with Curated Content - 2020

TL;DR A year ago today I started a curated content channel in Slack for our company. Was fascinated how re-visiting that channel perfectly reflected my thoughts, ideas, emotions during 2020. Read More

Our ERP Launch may be delayed, but we're still human in these times of uncertainty

Happy Customer
Travel was planned, months of hard work were behind us and the exciting "go-live" of Arch Fab's new Cloud ERP was going to be celebrated.  Unfortunately the global pandemic had other plans and we had to delay.    Read More

Salesforce Communities Can Help You Align Your Distribution Network

With Salesforce’s Community Cloud, businesses can coordinate independent reps, distributors, and internal sales teams When it comes to your sales team, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Many companies work with and rely on a combination of inside, outside, and independent sales reps, distributors, business buyers, and other sources.  Read More

Is it Easy for Your Customers to Do Business With You?

“Continuing to streamline processes and reduce unnecessary friction for customers will be a major focus for manufacturers to stay competitive. 2020 will be the year for manufacturers to prioritize initiatives that make it easier to do business with them. This ease of doing business (EODB) will be the expected lens for how success in these digital transformation efforts will be measured.” Read More

Demo: Field Service Lightning

Woman using Salesforce Field Service Lightning tools to set up a service call and dispatch a field service agent.
Real-time Communication Between Your Home Office and Field Service Team 7-minute video Read More

9 KPIs for Modern Manufacturing

These 9 Manufacturing Key Performance Indicators Can Help You Increase Productivity — and Profits Whether you are looking at a spectacular or less than stellar year, it’s rarely a bad time to consider your company’s goals for the future. Those can range from the lofty to the minute, but one principle stands across the board: if it can’t be tracked, it can’t be measured. And if it can’t be... Read More

Why Moving to the Cloud is the Future of Manufacturing

The benefits of cloud computing in manufacturing are endless, from lowering the cost of production to encouraging innovation.  Read More

We're hiring Salesforce and Manufacturing Experts!

Mountain Point Hiring Salesforce Experts
Seeking Candidates for Key Leadership and Subject Matter Expert Roles  Location: Charlotte / Remote Read More

Manufacturing Cloud - Our Journey's Just Beginning

Manufacturing Cloud - Journey Beginning
With the announcement of Salesforce’s Manufacturing and Consumer Goods Cloud this week, the next chapter in manufacturing technology begins. Mountain Point is well-positioned to build off the hard work and investments in this vertical— all aimed at establishing a foundation for growth by bringing manufacturers and their customers together! Read More

The Big Picture: Gaining a 360-Degree View of Your Company

Success in modern manufacturing relies on real-time insight — from the supply chain to the shop floor, from shipping and logistics to the end customer. This article originally ran in the Charlotte Business Journal.   When you look at your company, customers, and products, chances are you're not interested in just seeing a small piece of the puzzle. In order to make the right decisions, it's vital... Read More
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