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Delaney Langston
By Delaney Langston | Project Manager
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Financial Reporting
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Does your company use Quickbooks and Salesforce independently? Have you ever wondered if you should integrate the two systems for a 360-degree view of your financial data? If so, Breadwinner could be the solution for you.

When considering integrating Quickbooks with Salesforce, there are three main reasons this is a smart decision; as a business, Breadwinner allows you to accelerate your cash flow, save staff time and empower informed decisions. These three results are achieved by reducing the time to create and view invoices, and by connecting data from disparate sources.

Breadwinner offers several pricing models ranging from free all the way up to enterprise depending on your integration needs. Data can be mapped to Accounts and Opportunities or other custom objects depending on the tier, and data is displayed in a related list or quick links. 

After getting started, the first step is matching up your Salesforce Accounts with Quickbooks companies based Account/Company name matching with the ability to create non-existent accounts/companies or search. Additionally, depending on the pricing tier, users can sync historical invoices and data for these newly synced accounts.

When it comes to creating new invoices, users have the option to create an invoice for review or create and email all in one step from Salesforce. Plus, you can view individual invoices and their payment status right within Salesforce with the option to re-send via email or download a PDF copy. 

One of the most overlooked benefits is the ability to create Salesforce reports and dashboards around your financial data such as average days sales outstanding by customer, past due invoice amounts, etc. As long as the data exists within Salesforce, you can report on it.

If you’re interested in unlocking your company’s financial data, contact us to learn more about our Breadwinner installation packages. 

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