Salesforce for Manufacturing & Cloud ERP Systems Propel Digital Transformations

Andrew Rieser
By Andrew Rieser | President and Co-Founder, Mountain Point
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By Andrew Rieser, President, Mountain Point

Salesforce will soon be launching a focused alignment with the manufacturing sector. The move comes just in time to propel Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Vertical.

Salesforce has long been a key player in helping manufacturers better connect with their customers, boost sales, and manage customer service. But what has been missing is a strategic focus on the back-office, Cloud ERP.

As Brian Sommer, a writer for Diginomica put it, “Salesforce needs a bigger, badder ERP player in its ecosystem.”

Cloud ERP Merger

Last month’s merger between Rootstock and Kenandy accomplishes this. Couple that with Salesforce’s new internal team dedicated exclusively to meeting the needs of the manufacturing sector and I’d say we’re on the verge of a giant leap forward: digital transformation and lean principles will finally move beyond the shop floor to reinvent the way manufacturers manage their front and back offices in harmony on the platform.

As a Salesforce for Manufacturing Systems Integrator (SI) focusing exclusively on guiding manufacturers through digital transformations, we have extensive experience in helping companies launch both Rootstock and Kenandy Cloud ERP systems. And we have seen first hand how our customers making the move to Cloud ERP are advancing faster into the world of Industry 4.0.

Manufacturing Roadmap

The traditional Salesforce products --- the Sales, Service and Marketing Clouds --- are critically important tools, and we’ve helped manufacturers achieve great success by making use of the core Salesforce platform. Still, nothing yields the return on investment we’ve seen customers achieve by implementing Cloud ERP. Moving away from the rigidity, expense and commitment of traditional on-premise ERP solutions not only increases efficiency but drives innovation and a customer-centric viewpoint across the organization.

We think Salesforce’s new focus in this area will accelerate progress across the manufacturing sector. And we can’t wait to collaborate with the next wave of manufacturers ready to reap the benefits of the 4th industrial revolution.

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