Visualization Tools to Help Drive Business Process Alignment

Andrew Rieser
By Andrew Rieser | Co-Founder and CEO, Mountain Point
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We have recently been engaging in conversations with clients around their existing sales processes or lack thereof to better understand the pain points and struggles they have within their organization.

In every discussion, irregardless of the client's industry, reoccurring themes inevitably emerge around their processes.  Let's visit a few of these challenges and provide some suggestions on how visualization tools can help organizations revisit, transform, or align their business processes.

1. Lack of Structure or Formalized Processes (White Boarding)

Whether you are a new startup or a mature organization, it is always good to develop a foundation for the way you want to operate as a business.  For new organizations the beauty of having a clean slate is that you can align your business processes with tools and best practices that have already been established in your industry and pivot and adjust as you evolve.

However, if you've been around as a business for a while it is likely that you haven't done a great job of reevaluating your business processes and metrics.

As a starting point a great drill we like to do is a quick white boarding session to not only help us better understand your business, but to also document / map out the answers to our questions on the board.

This Q&A white boarding exercise helps uncover issues/challenges and pain points we can then further drill-down into.

2. Lack of Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) (Dashboards)


If you use Reporting and Dashboards within tools like - this is a great visualization means to bring these topics back up with your Sales Team or Business Leaders to discuss what metrics and processes are currently valued, tracked, and measured.

If these dashboards don't currently exist - it becomes a great time to work through what is important to track in your organization and develop these visual dashboards based off of your data and reports currently stored in Salesforce.


Next Steps

Regardless of where you are as a business, it is always important to periodically re-evaluate your processes and metrics.  Using activities like white boarding or visualizing metrics on a dashboard help bring life and a different perspective to your data and activities.

Interested in learning more about how Mountain Point can help your business process reengineering efforts? Please contact us to setup an initial consultation.


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