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Andrew Rieser
By Andrew Rieser | Co-Founder and CEO, Mountain Point
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Most organizations are adopting cloud technologies - but there is still a lingering concern in the back of the minds of CIOs and CISOs surrounding security.  With users by-passing IT and using services like Dropbox controlling and enabling these services for their employees is becoming a burdensome and expense task.

Based off of a survey of 120 CIOs and CISOs on their cloud security challenges, one of the primary challenges was the time and effort required to perform a detailed cloud security assessment for the numerous services requested by their employees.  According to one CISO, the company was spending an average of $20,000 to perform a basic security evaluation for each cloud service.


Enter the The Skyhigh CloudTrust™ Program.  This program provides an extensive, impartial, and current analysis of security capabilities based on detailed set of criteria developed in conjunction with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

Skyhigh analyzes over 50 different attributes for each cloud service including:

  • Data,
  • User,
  • Device,
  • Service,
  • Business,
  • and Legal

Of the thousands of cloud services used by employees, only 11% have earned the Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready™ rating. These include cloud leaders like: Adobe Echosign, Appcelerator, BambooHR, Birst, Box, Cisco WebEx, CollabNet, DocuSign, Gainsight, Host Analytics, HubSpot, Informatica, Jive Software, Lattice Engines, Marketo, Okta, Ping Identity, RingCentralSalesforce, ServiceNowWorkday, YammerYesware, and Zuora.

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