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Andrew Rieser
By Andrew Rieser | Co-Founder and CEO, Mountain Point
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3 Steps to Consider as you Embark on Digital Transformation

We have entered an era today where there is real capability to change how we run our businesses – from the back office processing to the front office customer interaction:  we have tools and apps to target and interpret meaningful data, we have developing software solutions to automate and even robotize processes like we never could in the past and we have all submerged ourselves in a mobile culture where all forms of business are conducted on all types of devices and interfaces.  Perhaps even more importantly, cloud-based platforms are being developed with allow us to share these capabilities, re-invent the way we run services and process transactions that require such a lesser amount of human intervention and oversight.

1. Evaluate the Digital Transformation Capability of Existing Internal Staff

The burning issue today is whether people have the capability to change the way they work, as doing things the same old way and expecting different results is the known recipe for failure. Staff need to be evaluated whether they not only have the intelligence to develop their analytical and creative skills, but more the willingness and motivation to do things differently.

2. Introduce Formal Training to Change the Way Capable Staff Approach Managing Operations

The change is more than merely “doing things differently”, it is about thinking differently, it is about changing the work culture.  It is about having staff understand how they are going to be measured in the future, what is expected of them, and how they need to spend their time. 

3. Evaluate and engage with existing and future potential partners to create a Digital culture across your organization

The successful providers of the future will be those which can work with their clients to advance their skills beyond transactional.  For example, if you buy finance and accounting services, a provider which only does the transactional grunt work isn’t going to be very relevant in the future when you can get much of the work done using automated technology.

Providers need to be the ones helping develop the Digital mindset with your staff, so they can work with them to be more analytical and creative. They need to provide teams of data scientists and creative thinkers who can work in hybrid teams with your own staff to create a whole new training ground and environment to take advantage of the new wave of Digital.

How is your organization overcoming the Digital Divide?

Source: Horses for Sources - Welcome to the age of Digital Cruelty, where two-thirds of operational jobs are under threat.

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