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Andrew Rieser
By Andrew Rieser | Co-Founder and CEO, Mountain Point
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Read how Mountain Point lead this +85 year old manufacturing company on their journey to peak performance.

The Bottom Line 

ROI: 223%
Payback: 6 months
Average annual benefit: $ 1,643,367 ​

Matouk moved to Salesforce and Rootstock Cloud ERP to modernize the management of its manufacturing business, from customer interactions to inventory and the shop floor.

The integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) project enabled Matouk to drive greater visibility and productivity across all facets of its business.

Accelerating time to promise and accuracy of quotes drove increased order volumes, supporting year-on-year growth of more than 10 percent while improving margins and customer satisfaction.

Learn how Matouk achieved 233% ROI in just 6 months! Read the full ROI report



Matouk is a 3rd generation, family-owned luxury bedding and bath textile manufacturer located in Fall River, MA. They are both an online B2C and B2B provider to well known retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom and other fine bedding and bath stores. To grow and scale, Matouk needed to sunset older legacy and custom built on premise systems and move to the Cloud for all their applications, including ERP.


Thousands of Financial transactions are generated everyday at Matouk and are entered into MS Great Plains / Microsoft Dynamics. There are hundreds of online orders placed in Magento on a weekly basis from consumer and B2B customers. Migrating their entire company onto the cloud was a massive undertaking and there were multiple integration points needed to tie all departments and operations together. It required strong leadership, organizational change management, effective communication and collaboration, an experienced and knowledgeable implementation partner, and the leading cloud application platform - Salesforce.


Matouk chose the Salesforce Platform and Rootstock Cloud ERP as their primary cloud backbone solution. They chose Mountain Point as their implementation partner to deploy their solution and integrate all applications necessary:

  • Jitterbit is used for processing Magento ecommerce sales orders and EDI sales orders into Rootstock ERP, and is also used to integrate financial transactions from Rootstock ERP to MS Great Plains.

  • Mountain Point put the power of Salesforce in the hands of Matouk's mobile shop floor employees through the deployment of iPod Touch devices with a custom mobile application (Salesforce Mobile SDK). Functionality included barcode / QR scanning, product quantity, labor booking, closing work orders and inventory management.

  • Mountain Point designed and deployed custom VisualForce consoles to allow users to search cross-object detail dynamically and VisualForce print templates for Matouk’s B2C and B2B document requirements.

  • Partner Communities are used so that Matouk can distribute data to their Partners, Retailers to provide for a better customer experience.

  • App Exchange products such as Conga, Zenkraft (FedEx shipping integration) are used as well.

  • Mountain Point helped Matouk implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud to better connect with customers. 


With onsite training and documentation provided by Mountain Point, Matouk experienced instant success at go-live with great user adoption and increased productivity from the start. The ability to quickly access data and insights had immediate positive impacts in workflow and customer satisfaction. Matouk’s digital transformation success, however, is best described in the client’s own words:

“The process improvements are already extraordinary. We were able to reduce our production (lead) time from 4 weeks to 2 weeks. With more sophisticated planning and visibility, our in-stock levels have improved dramatically - data can be shared in real-time across departments driving efficiency in all corners of the business.”
- George Matouk, CEO

“The ability to look at a complete snapshot of an order and see from 1 application what shipped, along with what's in WIP and what's on order (with delivery dates in the same screen as well!) is invaluable. The amount of time we're saving not having to toggle between screens is awesome. While we anticipated a slowdown in the process at the start of the cutover, it's not really happening....we're able to give info so much more quickly.”
– Tracey, Customer Service Manager

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