Stepping out of the Reactive Mindset

Andrew Rieser
By Andrew Rieser | Co-Founder and CEO, Mountain Point
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With decades old business systems and processes, most business owners and leaders are still struggling to identify how their business can catch up with; and more importantly benefit from, adopting and integrating new technologies.

CIOs know that the velocity of change in technology continues to add complexity to their role, function and environments. It affects organizational operations, marketing, sales, customer interactions, innovation and competitive advantage.

Bridging the gap between a traditionally reactive organization focused on putting out fires and keeping the lights on to a proactive organization ready to evolve their systems and processes and align technologies with the business and customer focus is a difficult task.

A business must be ready to evolve.  It is very easy to constantly complain about the issues, poor data and lack of information in your legacy ERP system.  Complacency has long set in, and now everyone is accustomed to their daily regimen and the non-value added tasks and work arounds.  Change is difficult and sooner or later your business is going to experience a triggering event that is going to force this change.

Leave the Reactive Mindset Behind

The key is to step out of this reactive mindset and challenge your organization to see the vision and possibilities of how things could be done differently.  If your business is lacking qualified resources that understand the new wave of technologies, seek out a consultant to help layout a roadmap for your businesses digital transformation.   Cloud technologies and the “as-a-Service” on-demand subscription models are providing businesses and their employees with new opportunities to become customer focused in the Internet of Customers era.

Become Nimble

Scale was once a competitive advantage, now it is speed. Your business needs to be able to quickly adapt to market trends and deliver on customer demands. Continuous process improvement, optimizing and aligning business processes with new technologies, applications and devices.  If your business continues to ponder the idea of Cloud, Mobile, Analytics, Social and the Internet of Things without taking action you risk being left behind.

Learn more on becoming a proactive leader here.

Embrace Technology

Technology will be centric to everything you’re doing. Eliminating barriers and increasing visibility to pertinent business information will be key. Having the systems and processes in place to organize, analyze and make informed decisions faster is paramount.  Are you ready?

Is your organization struggling to get past the talking stage and ready to start taking action in moving your business forward?  If so, we'd love to hear from you!

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