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Salesforce Einstein Opportunity Scoring
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The amount of information available to us continues to grow exponentially. That can allow companies to obtain more leads and opportunities quickly, but it can also be overwhelming. With the ever-expanding stockpile of data, the critical question becomes, how do we manage it all? How do our sales reps know what opportunities to prioritize in what may seem like an endless sea? Einstein Opportunity Scoring and Insights to the rescue!

About Einstein Opportunity Scoring

Using data science and machine learning, Einstein Opportunity Scoring helps sales reps quickly prioritize their opportunity pipeline by predicting the likelihood of winning the deal. By analyzing trends and patterns in your historical opportunity data and calculating win rates, Salesforce assigns a number from 1 to 99 to each opportunity record. The higher the number, the more likely the deal is to close. In addition to assigning a score, Salesforce will also outline the top positive and the top negative factors within the opportunity that helped to determine the rating. This insight allows Sales Reps not only to identify opportunities they should prioritize but also why these opportunities might be promising.

Problems Einstein Opportunity Scoring Solves

By implementing Einstein Opportunity Scoring into your org, you can help your sales team solve common business problems such as:

  • Not knowing which deals to focus on
  • Losing track of an opportunity's status, which can result in a delay of decisions or the loss of deals from the delays
  • Not knowing which deals and sales reps need support or coaching from your sales manager

Gaining Access to Opportunity Scoring

Einstein Opportunity Scoring used to be a paid feature. But with the Spring '20 Release, the tool is now available to all Salesforce users! For companies that do not have a Sales Cloud Einstein License, opportunity scores are visible to all users, but only on a limited amount of records. For companies with at least one Sales Cloud Einstein License, Opportunity Scores are visible for all users on all opportunity records.

Have you decided that Einstein Opportunity Scoring is an excellent fit for your business? Great! To ensure your organization can fully take advantage of this feature, your Salesforce Org must meet the following criteria:

  • Contains at least 200 closed-won opportunities over the last 24 months with each opportunity having a lifespan of at least two days
  • Has at least 200 closed-lost opportunities during the previous 24 months with each opportunity having a lifespan of at least two days
  • Utilizes the standard stage field as Salesforce uses the standard stages to calculate the win rate which, in turn, is used to generate scores

Ready to supercharge your sales team's win rates? Give us a call to learn more about the power of Einstein!


Topics: Einstein

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