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Andrew Rieser
By Andrew Rieser | Co-Founder and CEO, Mountain Point
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Mountain Point Hiring Salesforce Experts
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Seeking Candidates for Key Leadership and Subject Matter Expert Roles 

Location: Charlotte / Remote

A message from Mountain Point’s President and Co-Founder, Andrew Rieser

After founding a company and growing it for five years, I've earned a real-world MBA multiple times over. The most important thing I’ve learned is that it takes talent to grow and that great talent typically wants to work with a high performing team that can shine together.

We have been fortunate enough to build an amazing team — and we’re ready to continue growing it. We are looking to hire more people because the Salesforce ecosystem is HOT and top-talent is always in high-demand.  For the past two years, we’ve worked with our sister company, CentralApp,  to create an innovative onshore model to skill-up talent and close the apprenticeship gap.  On the Mountain Point side, we are cultivating and expanding  our team of experienced specialists and mentors.

If you’ve got a proven track record in the Salesforce ecosystem and want to help us lead the way in Industry 4.0, I’d love to connect and share our story and vision. 

We are currently seeking experienced, motivated professionals for the following roles:

  • VP of Sales
  • Manufacturing Subject Matter Experts
  • Certified Technical Architect
  • B2B Commerce Specialist
  • Field Service Lightning Specialist
  • Data / Integration Specialist


To learn more about this position, please contact us at talent@mountainpoint.com 

For those interested that will also be at Dreamforce, I’d love to meet up in person! Reach out to us so we can find a time to connect.

Topics: Company News

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