How Northeast Lantern Increased Efficiency by More Than 42%

Tony Vagnerini
By Tony Vagnerini | Principal ERP Consultant, Mountain Point
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Northeast Lantern ROI Study
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Using Rootstock ERP to increase automation and drive efficiency 

Northeast Lantern had a problem. They had implemented a state-of-the-art ERP system but were still manually processing nearly all of their Rootstock transactions. To free up their time for more valuable efforts, they turned to Mountain Point to assist with their Rootstock Cloud ERP processes and add automation. Check out Northeast Lantern’s ROI and Outcomes Success Story to see how they did it — and what they achieved along the way!

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Doing More, Spending Less

“We were able to save 5.5 hours of staff time per day. Before we started working with Mountain Point, we were spending 13.5 hours each day completing Rootstock transactions.”

-Dustin Almon, Operations Manager, Northeast Lantern

The Digital Transformation Journey

Northeast Lantern entrusted Mountain Point to automate repetitive, manual transactions to maximize employees’ time.

Goals: Automate, Automate, Automate

To take full advantage of their Cloud ERP system, Northeast Lantern wanted to focus on automating processes and cut out redundant, duplicative tasks for their employees. They had 3 goals:

  1. Automate processes within Rootstock Cloud ERP on the Salesforce platform.
  2. Allow their users to perform transactions faster and more efficiently to prevent delays within the Shop Floor and Fulfillment departments. 
  3. Automate processes to perform Work Order transactions with custom actions and scheduled batches.

How We Got There

To help Northeast Lantern process transactions more quickly, we created automated processes on the work order object. This included the ability to close work orders, generate receipts, and generate time and quantity bookings on relevant opportunities.

To further aid automation efforts, we built custom tools on the work order object including intuitive buttons and specified schedules for qualifying transactions.

ROI and Key Outcomes: $30,000 in Annual Savings

By automating processes in Rootstock, Northeast Lantern was able to handle work order transactions faster — saving 5.5 hours per day in staff time. To accomplish this, we reduced the number of manual work order transactions by scheduling tasks to be completed on a specific schedule.

Now, on average, Northeast Lantern is saving nearly $30,000 per year in reduced staff time.

Want to share or save this success story? Download the PDF! 

Download the Success Story


Tools and Solutions Used: Salesforce Sales Cloud and Rootstock ERP

Rootstock Cloud ERP

Northeast Lantern previously implemented Rootstock, but needed additional expertise to maximize its potential. The agility and interconnectedness of Rootstock give them a true 360-degree view of their business and allows them to keep pace with shifting market demands.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

By centralizing their data on the Salesforce platform, Northeast Lantern has been able to develop unified solutions that enhance and monitor every sector of the business from their CRM to the Shop Floor.

Automation Experts

“Mountain Point has been an awesome partner to work with on our Rootstock journey. Their knowledge of the software and what its capabilities are make it feel like your imagination and budgets are the only limits to what can be accomplished.”

-Dustin Almon, Operations Manager, Northeast Lantern

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