Is it Easy for Your Customers to Do Business With You?

Andrew Rieser
By Andrew Rieser | Co-Founder and CEO, Mountain Point
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“Continuing to streamline processes and reduce unnecessary friction for customers will be a major focus for manufacturers to stay competitive. 2020 will be the year for manufacturers to prioritize initiatives that make it easier to do business with them. This ease of doing business (EODB) will be the expected lens for how success in these digital transformation efforts will be measured.”

What happened to the easy button?

In 2005, Staples launched a new campaign titled “That was easy” with the introduction of a simple red plastic button with the word “Easy” written on it.   This novelty item resonated globally and demand for the toy button skyrocketed with businesses and customers both craving ease in their interactions. 

In 2019, Salesforce launched a similar campaign: “Bringing Companies and Customers Together”.  This campaign focused on how those interactions drive loyalty and success.

Three years prior, Staples continued to ride the wave on the Easy button's success by taking it to the next level. They partnered with IBM to make it a “smart” button, leveraging AI.  Will this take off and bring value to Staples’ customers? Maybe not, if Amazon's now-discontinued "Dash" button is any indication. 

Trends and gimmicks like these come and go and are often recycled.  But the core idea here, making things easy for your customers, is a concept and strategy that will stand the test of time. 

Ignore the hype, just take care of the customer

The latest buzz phrase is “Ease of Doing Business.” This isn’t a new idea, but it’s critically important. As we help companies embark on their digital transformations, the most common goals we set out to achieve are focused on the customer. Specifically, companies are interested in adapting to meet — and exceed — customers' changing expectations. 

Find out how a 90-year old textile manufacturer reduced calls to their customer service department by 80% and provided a better customer experience with a Customer Service Console!

Historically, it’s been difficult — if not impossible — to predict the future and the trends that will last. One thing we do know is that technology is continuing to evolve at an unprecedented pace.  To keep up, businesses should be aware of advancements but shy away from jumping on every trend. 

Instead of trying to keep up with the latest fad, let’s, well… make it easy. Before you make any business decision or investment, think about the effect it will have on your customers. Keep a laser focus on providing the best service possible to your customers, and you’ll win. 


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