Manufacturing Cloud - Our Journey's Just Beginning

Andrew Rieser
By Andrew Rieser | Co-Founder and CEO, Mountain Point
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Manufacturing Cloud - Journey Beginning
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With the announcement of Salesforce’s Manufacturing and Consumer Goods Cloud this week, the next chapter in manufacturing technology begins. Mountain Point is well-positioned to build off the hard work and investments in this vertical— all aimed at establishing a foundation for growth by bringing manufacturers and their customers together!

Manufacturing Cloud moves Industry 4.0 forward by enabling organizations to better leverage data and technology, driving profits and new revenue streams, and bringing companies closer to the customer and their experiences.

For the past five years, our focus has been on manufacturing’s digital transformation. We’ve worked hard to establish a solid foundation of talent, build great partnerships, gain valuable experience, and put ourselves in an opportune position to scale with this industry and ecosystem. 

We’ve shared our point of view on the future of manufacturing numerous times throughout the years, and it continues to excite me every day as we see our predictions in this industry unfold before our eyes. 

Specifically, we’ve grown our business through great partnerships with Salesforce and industry-focused AppExchange partners like Rootstock and Propel. But more importantly, our growth comes through the success of the customers we serve and help transform.

As the leader and facilitator of the Global Salesforce for Manufacturing Trailblazer Group, we’ve helped build a community around this movement to evangelize how manufacturing organizations can get the most out of their investments with technology. We’ve had opportunities to engage and interact with industry thought leaders discussing relevant trends and topics. What started as a simple format of “Q&A Friday” on YouTube - has since evolved into a wonderfully produced podcast - Data In Depth.

We’ve identified that the talent / apprenticeship gap our nation is facing touches all industries. To help address this problem, we’ve established another business, CentralApp, in the heart of Appalachia. CentralApp is helping drive the future of work, closing the apprenticeship gap, and making impacts in the lives of awesome Trailblazers like Beth Fanning and James Boggs.

As the momentum of Industry 4.0 continues to build, and the appetite for manufacturers to digitally transform grows, we're up for the challenges and opportunities on this journey!

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