Novatech is Winning 26% More Sales Opportunities. How?

Jessica Vodden
By Jessica Vodden | Director of Marketing and Communications, Mountain Point
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Novatech is winning 26% more sales opportunities than they were a few months ago! How’d they do it?

Novatech’s sales reps had a problem. Creating quotes for customers had become a paperwork nightmare.

With a wide range of product options, multi-tiered discount programs, and hundreds of possible product configurations, it took days for sales reps to compile a quote. And with all of those details and so much manual work, reps were more likely to make mistakes --- causing the process to take even longer!

But all of that is in the past.

We worked with Novatech to launch Salesforce CPQ. Configure. Price. Quote.

We automated configuration options, making it impossible for reps to choose setups that don’t fit together. And we created pricing packages and product catalogs so reps can select what they need and get instant access to a current price.

Now reps can capture customer’s specifications in-person on their tablets or phones and turn around a quote for a customer’s approval and signature within minutes. So Novatech’s sales team is closing deals onsite, instead of having to wait days for pricing.

In their first few months of using CPQ, Novatech saw a 26% increase in the number of closed won deals! 



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