Quip vs Google Docs

The ongoing battle for which Cloud-based provider to use for documents is something that we always get asked about. Should I pay for Quip? How is it better than Google Suite? Can’t I do the same in Google Suite? Well, if you have any of those questions or are just trying to understand what Quip is, then you’re in the right spot. Before we dive into Quip, let’s talk about Google Suite. Read More

How Lodge Cast Iron Harnessed the Salesforce Platform & Increased Holiday Sales by Over 92%

Lodge Cast Iron Success Story
Lodge Puts Customer Experience at the Center of Everything They Do Lodge Cast Iron puts one thing above all else: customer satisfaction. They knew they wanted to use Salesforce to better connect with customers and enhance customer service. So they turned to Mountain Point to assist with implementing a broad range of solutions all unified through the Salesforce platform. And it paid off. With... Read More

Our ERP Launch may be delayed, but we're still human in these times of uncertainty

Happy Customer
Travel was planned, months of hard work were behind us and the exciting "go-live" of Arch Fab's new Cloud ERP was going to be celebrated.  Unfortunately the global pandemic had other plans and we had to delay.    Read More

More Than Cryptocurrency: How Manufacturers Can Use Blockchain Technology and Machine-As-A-Service

Data In Depth guest Michael Cromheecke from SteamChain discusses machine-as-a-service in manufacturing.
Reduce risk and increase agility with this data-management model For the latest episode of our manufacturing podcast, Data In Depth, we sat down with Michael Cromheecke from SteamChain. Michael shared some real-world applications of how machine-as-a-service allows manufacturers to be more agile. Michael also dug into how blockchain technology, when applied to machine-as-a-service, creates... Read More

Salesforce Communities Can Help You Align Your Distribution Network

With Salesforce’s Community Cloud, businesses can coordinate independent reps, distributors, and internal sales teams When it comes to your sales team, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Many companies work with and rely on a combination of inside, outside, and independent sales reps, distributors, business buyers, and other sources.  Read More

On-Demand Webinar: Marketing Cloud Demo

Person watching on-demand Marketing Cloud webinar.

Robots for Hire

Data In Depth Guest Zach Boyd with Hirebotics
Real-time automation and cloud updates for robotic “employees” For the latest episode of our manufacturing podcast, Data In Depth, we sat down with Zach Boyd from Hirebotics. Zach helped us dig into the next step in manufacturing automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) — robots as a service. In this model, customers can “hire” robots to tackle specialized tasks, especially in areas where... Read More

Novatech is Winning 26% More Sales Opportunities. How?

Connecting with Consumers

Data in Depth guest Tyson Higginbotham
Using eCommerce and Data-Driven Sales Tactics to Reach End-Customers  For the latest episode of our podcast, Data In Depth, we sat down with Tyson Higginbotham from Supply Source Solutions. Tyson shared tips on how companies can take advantage of the shift from the manufacturing age to the digital consumer age by maximizing an eCommerce presence, and using data to guide sales decisions.  See... Read More

Is it Easy for Your Customers to Do Business With You?

“Continuing to streamline processes and reduce unnecessary friction for customers will be a major focus for manufacturers to stay competitive. 2020 will be the year for manufacturers to prioritize initiatives that make it easier to do business with them. This ease of doing business (EODB) will be the expected lens for how success in these digital transformation efforts will be measured.” Read More