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Automating responses, guiding customers through interactions, and providing record details are all something that any company with chat support wants. But how do you do it?

Salesforce's Einstein ChatBot can help address these needs and a lot more. But, before we think about everything you can do with Einstein ChatBot, let's talk first about what you should do to set yourself up for success before you launch a chat tool.

Einstein ChatBot will not "automagically" resolve all chat gaps, needs, and desires. Instead, planning and setup are needed to get the most value out of this tool.

Lay Out Expected Dialogs

To begin designing the different dialog channels within ChatBot, you need to determine how your customers and team will use the chat channel.

For example:

  • Will your customers be asking about something that could be found in Knowledge?
  • Will they be able to check on the status of an order?
  • Can they use chat to access their shipping tracking code?
  • Is it something they could use to, say, respond to an invitation for a webinar?

Once you've outlined the problems and needs your ChatBot should address, begin thinking about how you want the Bot to interact with your customers. Then map out scripts and flows to create dialogs. Remember, the Bot is a reflection of your company. Use language and phrases that are in line with your brand.

Prepare Your Routing

To help learn your business and evolve its understanding, your Bot needs some upfront rules and guidance. These rules help route chats to the appropriate dialog. For example, you might set up a rule that when the words "order" and "status" are included in a customer's message, the order status dialog launches. 

During this process, put yourself in the customer's shoes. Think about how they interact with your team and the type of questions they often ask. Common questions and requests are good candidates for setting up dialog intents, tools that allow you to route customers to the appropriate dialog quickly. 

Lastly, for routing, think about instances where it might be more appropriate to display a menu. Similar to an IVR system where you press "1" to get information about an order or "2" to talk to customer support, you can create chat menus offering the same kind of navigation.

Deciding when those menus should appear is an important decision that can help reduce or prevent frustration for chat users. Should it appear right when the chat starts? When the Bot doesn't understand the customer's input? At the end of each transaction? These considerations can aid the customer experience from start to finish, so consider them carefully when laying the foundation for your ChatBot.

Other Resources

When in doubt, Salesforce has many resources available on Trailhead to learn more about Einstein ChatBot. We recommend the modules listed below.


Need help designing and setting up your ChatBot? Get in touch with us!  

Topics: Einstein

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