Connecting with Consumers

Data in Depth guest Tyson Higginbotham
Using eCommerce and Data-Driven Sales Tactics to Reach End-Customers  For the latest episode of our manufacturing podcast, Data In Depth, we sat down with Tyson Higginbotham from Supply Source Solutions. Tyson shared tips on how manufacturers can take advantage of the shift from the manufacturing age to the digital consumer age by maximizing an eCommerce presence, and using data to guide sales... Read More

Reduce waste with real-time data monitoring

Nick Humphries with Zeiss is featured on this episode of Data in Depth.
Automation and integration are key to ensure quality and reduce scrap in manufacturing For the latest episode of our manufacturing podcast, Data In Depth, we sat down with Nick Humphries from Zeiss. Nick shared how new technologies allow manufacturers to monitor production data in real-time — resulting in reduced scrap, greater productivity, and higher product quality.  Read More

6 KPIs for Shipping and Logistics

Help Control Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction with These 6 Key Performance Indicators for Logistics Logistics is a critical area for most businesses. So if you’re not tracking key performance indicators for shipping and logistics, you have a huge blind-spot.  Read More

12 Experts Weigh In on the Future of Manufacturing and the Cloud

12 Manufacturing experts share the top trends they seen for the future of the industry.
We talk trends and predictions with manufacturing experts to start the decade off strong 2019 was a huge year for manufacturing tech with the launch of Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud, new applications for the IoT, and advanced analytics and automation moving to the forefront. And the momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down. What’s in store for manufacturing in 2020 — and beyond?  We can’t wait... Read More

9 KPIs for Modern Manufacturing

These 9 Manufacturing Key Performance Indicators Can Help You Increase Productivity — and Profits Whether you are looking at a spectacular or less than stellar year, it’s rarely a bad time to consider your company’s goals for the future. Those can range from the lofty to the minute, but one principle stands across the board: if it can’t be tracked, it can’t be measured. And if it can’t be... Read More

Drive Results and Productivity with IoT Data

For the final episode of Data In Depth’s first season, we sat down with Caroline Hilla from Cisco’s Global Manufacturing team. Caroline shared tips on how manufacturers can increase business productivity by using the full potential of your data. She discussed practical and foundational tips for capturing, integrating — and effectively using — IoT data.  Read More

In Manufacturing, Data is Key to Doing More With Less

For our 10th episode of Data In Depth, our data-focused podcast, we sat down with Chris Muto from Pro-Tech, a manufacturer of industrial snow plows. Chris discussed how a data-centered approach to manufacturing can help companies do more with less — from driving sales to improving the customers’ experiences. Read More

Marketing for Manufacturing: A Data-Driven Approach

Data is key to a successful marketing strategy For episodes 1:8 and 1:9 of Data In Depth, our data-focused podcast, we sat down with Francois Gau of Levy Industrial. Francois explored the importance of a data-driven approach to marketing for manufacturing and shared tips for market mapping and customer segmentation. He also discussed the need to mix tried and true marketing strategies, like... Read More

5 Ways AI is Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry

AI and Machine Learning  The newest episode of Data In Depth, our data-focused podcast is live! This week, we sat down with Louis Columbus who shared five ways artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. Louis, a Forbes columnist and principal at IQMS, discussed the impact AI has on everything from marketing and sales to efficiency, and from... Read More

The Big Picture: Gaining a 360-Degree View of Your Company

Success in modern manufacturing relies on real-time insight — from the supply chain to the shop floor, from shipping and logistics to the end customer. This article originally ran in the Charlotte Business Journal.   When you look at your company, customers, and products, chances are you're not interested in just seeing a small piece of the puzzle. In order to make the right decisions, it's vital... Read More
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