Setting Up Einstein ChatBot

Automating responses, guiding customers through interactions, and providing record details are all something that any company with chat support wants. But how do you do it? Read More

Einstein Opportunity Scoring

Salesforce Einstein Opportunity Scoring
The amount of information available to us continues to grow exponentially. That can allow companies to obtain more leads and opportunities quickly, but it can also be overwhelming. With the ever-expanding stockpile of data, the critical question becomes, how do we manage it all? How do our sales reps know what opportunities to prioritize in what may seem like an endless sea? Einstein Opportunity... Read More

Einstein Discovery Stories and Insights

Salesforce Einstein Discovery
Einstein Discovery allows users to gain insight into their data quickly and make better-informed decisions regarding their business. While very complex data questions may still require the assistance of a data scientist, Einstein Discovery puts the power of analytics in the hands of those individuals who own the data — allowing you to make smart decisions on the go without needing to create... Read More

Connecting business data to business goals

Using descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics frameworks to ask the right questions in manufacturing You’ve seen the warnings time and again: Read More

Manufacturing Gets a Huge Win with AI

By Linsey Billings Read More