Sample Requests

GOAL: Streamline the sample request process and manage the data it generates. Read More

Account Management

GOAL: Understand the difference between Influencer Accounts and Transactional Accounts - and why it matters. Read More

Salesforce Lead Management / Tradeshows

GOAL: Bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales to identify, qualify, and nurture leads. Read More

How Salesforce Communities can Help Manufacturers

Written by Linsey Billings Read More

Manufacturing Gets a Huge Win with AI

By Linsey Billings Read More

Post Tradeshow Activities for Manufacturers using Salesforce

By Linsey Billings Read More

Event Marketing with Pardot

by Holland Dotts, Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant Read More

Linsey’s Top 5 Spring 17 Release Lightning Features for Manufacturing

Watch the Demo Video By Linsey Billings, Business Analyst, Salesforce Certified Administrator Read More

Mountain Point's Billy Weisgerber Receives Blue Belt Certification for Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce’s Quote-to-Cash product, Salesforce CPQ, (formerly Steelbrick) gives sales teams a streamlined way to better connect with their Customers. Salesforce CPQ offers a number of advanced features for quickly and easily creating quotes and contracts, as well as capturing revenue and subscriptions. With the Product Configurator, building products have never been faster or more convenient,... Read More

How Salesforce's Winter '17 Release Will Affect Your Organization

Salesforce has recently rolled out the Winter '17 Release, and it's so "jam-packed with innovation", it can be a bit daunting to find out which of the 300+ new features will actually affect your Salesforce organization. With Salesforce Einstein, AI has been injected into practically every aspect of this robust platform. Since most companies only take advantage of a handful of Salesforce's many... Read More
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